jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

I know you've seen this scenario at least once

I know you've seen this scenario at least once: Girl in a sweatshirt and a jacket. She's bundled up for winter above the waist. Problem is, she's wearing shorts that do nothing to shield any part of her legs whatsoever.
Whether you're desperate for leg attention or just too lazy to put on a pair of jeans or pants after you're finished at the gym, I think it's time someone told the truth to those girls: winter clothes are just as sexy, if not more so, than their skimpier counterparts.

Scoff if you want to, but Victoria agrees with me.

Take a look at this sexy coat by Victoria's Secret. It's warm. It's fashionable. And it's sexy.

Now, you might be saying, "Well, yes, but that's a coat. What about those ridiculous sweaters?"

I hear ya. Never seen a sexy sweater. Nope. This is definitely not a sexy sweater. Nope. Not at all.

Yeah. It's a sexy sweater. Without showing a drop of cleavage, the cut and style of the sweater still evokes mystery about what lie beneath while giving the impression that the one wearing the sweater knows all about style.

Of course, not all sexy winter clothes have to be sweaters and long coats. And not all of them have to be from Victoria's Secret. Take this tweed jacket by Bebe. You can rarely fail with the retro feel of the 40s and this tweed jacket is all Bacall and Bogart - sexy and stylish.

Right about now you're probably saying, "You've covered the top half, but what about the bottom half?"

Speaking of the dames of the 40s, they knew what they were doing with those tailored slacks. There's nothing that says confidence quite like a great fitting pair of black pants such as this Matte Wool Skinny Pant from Bebe. The great thing about a great fitting pair of pants is that you can show off the shape of the leg while still keeping everything shrouded in mystery.

The other great thing about winter is that you have many more opportunities to accessorize. From hats to scarves, your accessories are simply the icing of a very well decorated cake. This Brandy hat by Helen Kaminski will take any winter ensemble from simply stylish to downright chic.

Then there's probably one of the best things about winter fashion: the boots. You just can't get much sexier than boots. Whether it's a shorter boot like this one by Goor or a knee scraper like this one by Gallivant, there's probably nothing more sexy than a pair of, uh, "notice me" boots. Ehm.

So don't be shy about keeping those clothes on, girls. You'll turn way more heads by looking like the confident style maven than you ever will by looking like the girl who can't keep her clothes on.

Okay, okay. Those girls get a lot of attention, too, but probably not the kind of attention you ultimately want, right?